Wrażenia z wyjazdu do Szwecji, kwiecień 2003 – tekst po angielsku

We arrived at Arlanda Airport on 29th March 2003, in the early morning. Then we went to Stockholm by bus and have been sightseeing for about 3 hours. We have seen the

Old City and a lot of historical monuments. We had an opportunity to admire the guards exchange. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, so we enjoyed the sightseeing very much. We left the capital city of Sweden at 2 p.m. Trip to Hudiksvall took us 5 hours, because Swedish drivers drive slowly and carefully. On the way there, our new Swedish friends gave us souvenirs. We reached Hudiksvall in the evening and met the hosting families.

On Sunday morning we visited Järvzoo. There we could see many wild animals, such as wolves, polar foxes, owls, reindeers and elks. When we got hungry, we ate gri

lled hot-dogs and drank juice. After that, we came back to Hudiksvall and had our free time.

On the next day, we visited Swedish school. Then we took the bus to the city centre and went to Hudiksvalls Kommun headquarters, where we had fika – some kind of small lunch including a coffee with a cake – which is very common in Sweden. On Tuesday morning we went to the main school to see the film. Then we had a trip to Iggesund, where the board factory is located. We spent there about 2 hours, getting knowledge about the technology of that process. Afterwards, we went to the swimming pool and had a great time there, swimming and jumping from a diving board. We came back to Hudiksvall tired, but happy.

Wednesday was the most exciting day as we went to the ski centre Hassela. There we were skiing, snowboarding and walking during the snow storm.

On the next day we visited Hudiksvall Tinding – the local newspaper. In addition to this, we went also to the Museum, in which we could see the exposition describing the history of this area. In the evening we met with Swedish students in their school and finally started getting to know each other.

Friday was our free day, so we could do what we wanted. Most of us went to Sundsvall, which is the bigger city, for shopping. In the evening we went bowling with our Swedish friends.

We left Hudiksvall on Saturday about midday. On the way to Stockholm we saw the Cathedral in Uppsala. Our plane to Warsaw took off at 7 p.m. and it was the end of our school trip to Sweden.

We had a wonderful time there. We were able to learn how Swedish people live and what do they do nowadays. We made friends with Swedish students and we are waiting for their arrival in June.

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